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KMSAuto++: Activation Toolkit

Discover the capabilities of KMSAuto++, a comprehensive toolkit designed to simplify activation processes across various Windows and Office editions. With tools for administration, OS edition alteration, and key management for:

  • Windows Vista to 11 (VL editions)
  • Windows Server 2008 to 2016
  • Office 2010 to 2019

While users claim that KMSAuto++ may not handle Win 7 Ultimate, it excels with Office 2021 despite no official mention by its developer (Ratiborus). Operating in three modes, KMSAuto Net operates within the “Main Window” tab.

KMSAuto Net Modes:

  1. Activation – Effortlessly injects mechanisms ensuring successful authenticity checks for the OS or Office suite. Sequentially applies available cracking methods, displaying license status info: product name, version, ID, IP address, activation date, reactivation frequency.
  2. Manual Key Input – Enables user input of GVLK keys via graphical interface, adding/removing custom keys via pre-installed KMS node, avoiding command lines.
  3. Scheduler – Embeds tasks for reactivation. Authenticity checks occur every 30 days, with auto-activation every 10 days (developer’s decision), adjustable in the scheduler library.


For experienced users, the “Settings” tab allows:

  • Altering KMS service parameters and port communication settings
  • Restoring prior IP addresses
  • Switching interface languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, English)
  • Installing/removing KMS services

Utilities Tab:

The “Utilities” tab offers tools for Windows administration:

  • Services – Manages installed services
  • Scheduler – Adds/edits scheduled tasks
  • User accounts – Profiles management
  • Event Viewer – Displays system event logs
  • Authenticity check of system files

KMSAuto Net Enhancements:

KMSAuto Net allows OS edition changes. Handy when you have a key for one Windows version but use another.

For Microsoft Office issues, KMSAuto Net allows complete removal with registry keys and licenses. Removes “Invalid System” status post-expiry or unsuccessful authenticity checks, eliminating unlicensed software notifications.

Additional Tools:

KMSAuto++ comes with supplemental utilities:

  • Microsoft Defender Tools – Enables/disables Windows Defender, adds exclusions
  • Uninstall Microsoft Office – Complete Office removal utility
  • Show or Hide Updates – Conceals OS update reminders/software
  • MSActBackUp – Backup/restore tool for license info, preserving for later use on other devices or after OS reinstall
  • Activation by telephone – Simulates Windows/Office activation via phone
  • Office 2013 – 2021 C2R Install Lite – Portable tool for Office application download/installation, cleaning unnecessary components/updates
  • Office Uninstaller – Official Microsoft tool for complete Office uninstallation

Recent KMSAuto Net versions support new server OS and Office suites. Developer’s enhancements automate/optimize operations, minimize PC risk, and include language switching features.

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